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What is this site?
TextOccupy is a free service that provides a platform of text messaging tools to help you mobilize your Occupy movement. The service works currently in the U.S.. The service is powered by a parent service Celly, our core platform for creating instant mobile networks called cells.

What can I do with this site?

  • You can broadcast your thoughts about the Occupy movement by joining a Public Occupy Cell and then simply sending text messages. Your message will be sent to fellow members and displayed publicly on the web. If you don't see your movement listed,

    Add Your Cell

  • To engage participants at on-site gatherings, you can project the site onto a big screen or building wall (aka "text-to-screen") so participants can text messages that can be shared and read with local participants and web viewers across the country.
  • This site is cross-linked to Celly so you get all the benefits of Celly's group communication platform. By joining an Occupy cell, you can exchange secure group messages with fellow occupiers. Message chat can be open or moderated by one of more curators. Text message alerts can be scheduled e.g. to remind members of upcoming events. You can also conduct quick multiple choice polls by just texting POLL, e.g., "What supplies do we need? #food #power #mediacoverage”. All Celly features are available via SMS and the web.

Why did we create this site?
Over the last several weeks, people around the country have been embracing Celly as an ideal way to mobilize their local Occupy movements. With many volunteers gathered at one site, there’s a fundamental need to quickly organize participants into ad-hoc working groups. For example, in our hometown of Portland, OR we’ve seen people gather into working committees for different functions like media, outreach, street cleaning, sanitation, finance/donation, and medical. Each of these groups need a way to let people instantly join their group and all the groups need a way to securely and privately communicate with each other in realtime. Wifi is sometimes spotty and because the scene is loud, voice communication—like using walkie-talkies or phone calls—is challenging. So rather than rely on runners who physically move between campsites, people have created cells for each group and communicate via text messaging. We created TextOccupy to spread the use of Celly as a way to help Occupy movements across the country mobilize.


  • Is my phone number shared? Absolutely not. See terms and services and privacy policy for Celly.
  • How do I turn off messages? Text OFF to mute messages or STOP to opt-out of the service. See Celly SMS command list.
  • Will TextOccupy be available in other countries? If we can find an SMS provider that can help sponsor the costs of service in other countries.
  • How much does it cost to use this service? TextOccupy is a free service. But keep in mind that texts you send/receive are counted as part of your phone plan. So Standard Msgs&Rates Apply.